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Public policies, communities, cultural and contributive experiments

Créé le 20/06/18

The digital urbanity that we propose to experiment on the territory of Plaine Commune is part of the will to make digital technology a new capacity which will lead to the inhabitants transforming the urban environment in order to improve a better urban life, where the urban is inseparably individual and collective. This perspective is part of the claim to the right to the city as defined by David Harvey expanding on Henri Lefebvre and as "power of fundamental and radical shaping exercised on the processes of urbanization, that is to say on the ways in which our cities are constantly being transformed ". This session intends to confront the Plaine Commune context with the perspective developed in Dublin and in contrast with Guayaquil.

Speakers Arnaud de Champsavin, Octo technology Tania Patrice Naidoo and Christopher Garde, Dublin City Council Ronan Belleguic, Maison de l’Emploi, Plaine Commune Alain Vaucelle, Terrinum, Plaine Commune