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Work Marathon – 00 Introduction

Créé le 16/10/18

In this introduction, Bernard Stiegler gives his Work Marathon 2018 opening talk "Too late? The final warning". It follows a presentation of the Map room panels.

Context: The Serpetine Galleries Work Marathon 2018 was conceived in collaboration with Professor Bernard Stiegler who gathered experts from around the world to consider economics for an age of planetary-scale environmental crisis, looking to reduce the human footprint on the planet and reverse the phenomenon of entropy that follows. With Stiegler’s advice, the 2018 Serpentine Marathon has the goal of contributing to the writing of a manifesto, the first version of which will be issued on 23 September, and the definitive version of which will be sent to the United Nations, in Geneva, on 10 January 2020 – the day of the centenary anniversary of the League of Nations.

Speakers: Simon Lincelles (video, Ars Industrialis' Vocabulary), Bernard Stiegler, Olivier Landau, Maël Montévil, Paolo VIgnola, Dan Ross, Giacomo Gilmozzi, Anne Alombert.