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Work Marathon – Sunday Writing Workshop 01

Créé le 23/10/18

In this first part Bernard Stiegler recontextualize the contemporary emerging problems linked to the neoliberal globalization: ultra-right wing and libertarian political party spreading in all the continents.

Secondly, he reminds the goals of the "Memorandum of Understanding". This written draft will provide a conceptual and practical platform capable of addressing the epistemological and epistemic questions that arise from the perspective of the internation (Mauss), as well as the questions of thermodynamics, negentropy and anti-entropy (Bailly, Longo, Montévil) in the Anthropocene, in order to form a new framework through which a new macro-economic program can be elaborated at the level of the internation.

It follows a debate with the members of the Map Rooms Panels and other participants from the Work Marathon.